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Three former French gunpowder mills to be visited :




  • Pyrotechnic Sites
    There are many sites in France where pyrotechnic products have been produced . As an example, 29 gunpowder mills where operated in Paris at the beginning of the 17th century.
    During the past centuries, numerous sites have been built, closed or restructured depending upon the evolution of the needs and of the technologies.
    Some sites, still operated, were created at the end of the 17th century.
    The map hereunder show the locations of the French gun powder mills in 1768, according to Mr Montaigne.
The French gun powder mills in 1678
a french gun powder mill existed also in Canada
  • Memorial plaques
    • in Paris (Arsenal Area)
      25 boulevard Bourdon, former site of the "Hôtel de la Régie des Poudres et salpêtres"
      9 rue de l'Arsenal, former site of the "Dépôt Central des Poudres et salpêtres"
      10 bis quai Henri IV, former site of the "Laboratoire Central des Poudres
    • in the former Sevran gunpowder plant site
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