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 The Association


The ASSOCIATION DES AMIS DU PATRIMOINE POUDRIER ET PYROTECHNIQUE , literally association of the friends of the heritage in gun powders and pyrotechnics, or A3P, is an association complying with the French basic law on associations voted in 1901, registered on December 28th, 1992 by the Préfecture de Police of Paris (Journal Officiel January 20th, 1993).
As of to-day, more than 200 members have joined the A3P
Its purpose:
Protecting and making known the heritage in the field of gun powders, propellants, explosives, pyrotechnics, cultural as well as scientific, technical or industrial.
Its ways and means:
Any direct action capable of comforting the safeguard and the promotion of the heritage in gun powders and pyrotechnics, such as:
  • listing intellectual and physical existing riches,
  • acquiring, collecting and conservation of objects (documents, laboratory equipment, manufacturing equipment..),
  • on site preserving buildings and equipment,
  • creating and managing museums,
  • organizing events (exhibitions, symposiums, celebrations, …),
  • information gathering,
  • creating multi-media supports,
  • creating and managing libraries for written records,
  • pictures, movies, videos, etc.,
  • creating prizes and awards.
Any indirect action in moral , physical and financial support to persons and organizations having the same purpose as A3P, such as:
  • support of museum specialized in gun powders or pyrotechnics,
  • support to events,
  • awarding of prizes and rewards,
  • support of publications. 
Its members:
The persons willing to participate in A3P in order to perform the actions which are necessary to achieve the purposes of the association, such as described here above,
The representatives of associations, state organizations, companies or industrial organizations, business associations interested in protecting and making better known the gun powder heritage.
Its resources:
The subscriptions of its members, subsidies and miscellaneous incomes


Association des Amis du Patrimoine Poudrier et Pyrotechnique

38 rue Keller 75011
PARIS- France


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